Sphinx is design,
is the showcase of London based Art Director and Designer Javier Aguirre.

With more than 13 years of experience, I'm currently focused on my own studio where I enjoy collaboration and everything design driven in all it's forms and shapes.

Having worked previously under several role tags Design Team Lead, UI Lead Designer, Creative Director, Art Director, Senior Designer and most recently Product Designer, I find myself more in tune with the simple and unpretentious side of the title Designer in the widest meaning of the term but with a particular tendency for the digital environment.

Over the past few years I've worked for the likes of some interesting firms such as AKQA, Huge Inc., Native, LBi, Possible, Dare or Wunderman although I'm also equally comfortable working along other design colleagues or smaller brands and startups.

I try to drink from a wide range of sources in order to constantly evolve and learn as much as I can in the pursuit of projects that keep me excited. My skillset mainly moves along the following lines:

User Interface
Product Design
User Experience
Digital Branding